⚽ ⚽ International Break Football Thread ⚽ ⚽


Either they’ve not done a very good job of promoting this Nations League, or i’m completely detached from international football, but this is honestly the first i’ve heard of this despite reading the papers every day and consuming virtually every #podcast there is.

At least it’s something new, but i’m not really in favour for two reasons. Firstly, the whole point of friendlies is to tailor the pre-tournament opposition to the finals draw - if you’ve been paired with, say, a South American side then you get a bit of pratice losing to another one or two. Secondly, i quite like it, or at least used to, when England play, say, Peru, Ghana or Jamaica.


I had heard of this, but it was so long ago and because no one ever mentioned it again, I’d assumed that it had been knocked on the head.


*Shell Clasico


I bet the USA won’t be able to resist intervening in El Salvador vs Libya


U.S ref suspiciously assigned…


Looking forward to Equatorial Guinea 0 - 1 England


England, Russia, Poland, Egypt.


Isn’t it that it replaces the friendlies before before qualifying for the tournaments is settled? Think there would still be that gap for pre-tournament warm up matches.

We’ll still get those ill conceived and slightly racist friendlies before the big tournaments.



Everyone talking 'bout pop music


This is genuinely pretty moving:

(ignore the GenderCriticalDad twat underneath)


He’s great. I think I’ve mentioned before but years ago I used to work in a bowling alley and he’d bring big groups of disadvantaged kids in once a week as part of an outreach program type of thing. Always seemed to be great at dealing with them on their level sort of thing, you could tell they all respected him a lot. He used to drive the minibus down which was a surreal sight. Extremely good human being by all accounts.


If you asked me who the greatest manager of all time is, without hesitation, this would be my answer


And let’s not forget his greatest moment…


Love this:

He has an emotional and financial stake in things that are undeniably premium and yet still quite dull: Range Rovers, owning racehorses, whisky. Going to Dubai out of choice.


This will severely irk my Oldham supporting mates, who hate Scholes and anything ManU, even though Scholes is an Oldham fan.


very proud that he played for bradford, for one match


even worse idea than giggs as manager


Excellent lazy pitch-invader at :panama: v :costa_rica: (3m50s in)



bit late to this but i fucking love Robben

imagine being a really good football player with only one foot just fucking imagine having the audacity to not train one of your feet