⚽ ⚽ ⚽ ⚽ BPL Opening Weekend Football Thread ⚽ ⚽ ⚽ ⚽



City - Title. Get beaten by someone decent in champions league
United - Put the pressure on trophy/2nd. Progress from group stages. Stay in champos league to land Griezmann and actually score some goals next season
Arsenal - Re-establish in top 4. Set up replacement for Wenger
Chelsea - Title, boot the manager for anything less, despite lack of resources
Liverpool - Drink in the atmosphere of those famous European nights at Anfield


Forgot Spurs - Any silverware


Appropriate that I didn’t even remember Watford had hired the most nondescript-looking man in the world to manage them.


Apart from all the staff hating him for his arrogance and his last season in charge being a pitiful title defence and losing to Wigan in the FA cup final.


happy to see watford are still signing regens. can’t wait to see de andrade and femenia fer in action!


I completely lose track of who’s managing them. Still get mildly surprised when the camera pans to the dugout and it’s not Flores there.


Legitimately couldn’t tell you who their boss is.


United - top 2
City - title
Chelsea - title and last 4 of champions league
Arsenal - top 4
Spurs - top 4
Liverpool - no one accidentally setting their house on fire while burning their coutinho shirt


*For a City manager.


Who’s managing them, who’s playing for them, who owns them, what style they play. Absolute cipher of a football club.


Troy Deeney for all of the above isn’t it?


Playing Z Cars was pretty small time too.


I’m sure they had a completely different set of players for each game last year.




He should walk into this Liverpool defence too.


Lovely stuff. Okaka is a good strong boy




reckon De Boer’s gonna flop at Palace


That’s the trouble with Sakho, he always tries to walk into another team’s defence.


What Liverpool could do with here is a clever midfielder who can sit in between the lines and pick a pa… oh, yes, well…