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10 goals in 121 minutes




Something about Elton John maybe?


Ridiculous hair on Mane. Selling him immediately.


You might be right. I’m a little concerned that we’re changing our style too quickly.

I might work brilliantly and we keep the ball and play nice football. But I’m not sure we’re set up for it. Fosu Mensah and Riedewald will have a big part in our new style succeeding or not.


someone better quickly remind Coutinho how much history and passion Liverpool have got




Mo Salah, Mo Problems


Why yes, I am Richarlison, the footballer from… Brazil.



moreno doing an amazing accidental skill and incredible accidental swerving shot :smiley:


[frowns at suspect link - decides against clicking]


You don’t win friends with Salah


really hope we have some low-scoring games in the three o’clock kick-offs. this is just embarrassing for everyone involved, and that includes all of us fans of EPL football.


i don’t think I’m being presumptuous by saying that this will definitely be the greatest nd best season in the history of association football (except for the one where united got relegated by a former club legend scoring a backheel against them for man city, obviously)


that bit of skill from can deserves it’s own thread


so good


Early days but Salah appears to have a bit of the Darren Huckerbys about him.


you mean because he is overcoming adversity to reach great heights?


Have Chelsea got a few injuries or is conte making a redknapp-like point with that bench?