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a bit more…


can’t believe Conte would give the middle finger to fantasy football managers like that by starting someone who doesn’t exist.



Shame, I thought Mignolet had done his bit for comedy by knocking that cross in himself.



You’ll want to tune in for the Burnley Chelsea game then. Nailed on to be a goalless squib of a game.


Fuckssss sakeeeee


Some woeful footie in these two games but entertaining nonetheless


I feel we should embrace being the clown league.


so annoying, feel like we’ve been through 3 managers and about 5 completely different back lines with the exact same problems from set pieces…




Entertaining, my arse!

You’re not telling me this league’s more fun than Alaves and Leganes passing it sideways for ninety minutes.


: D



nice continental football from both sides :ok_hand: :ok_hand: :ok_hand:


Caballero, Christensen, Tomori, Kenedy, Scott, Musonda, Morata

the bench of champions.


It’s ok, I’m needlessly defensive about a LOT of things, but football ain’t one of them.

That was a classic ‘Liverpool against a bottom half side’ performance. I need to remember not to get my hopes up :smiley:


Watford are actually joint 2nd, mate


70 million for a player that can’t get into the starting XI is crazy when you think about it.


yeah, I’ve gotten far less needlessly defensive in recent years as a United fan. and much less hopeful!

if Liverpool are going to carry on as usual, I hope Huddersfield get a go. although Klopp probably knows all of Wagner’s tricks.


7-7 draw in both fixtures.

Heavy metal football!