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Might as well just call it off here I reckon?


Hard seasons create strong players.
Strong players create good seasons.
Good seasons create weak players.
David Luiz gets sold again.


Got to make room for David Luiz Peters after all


Quite clearly tied up with roman’s legitimate accounting schedule


Some interesting stuff happening


State of this…

As many trophies in thirteen seasons as Spurs have won since 1900.


Would I be subject to ridicule in the thread if I made light of the low standard of refereeing during the first half?

  • Yes
  • No

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Brentford were doing alright and were 1-0 up but then decided that defending and clearing the ball was overrated, so we’re 2-1 down now.

reckon this might finish 4-3 or 3-3 or something dumb like that, seems to be the fashion at the moment.


I like to think we’ve got him locked up in the car park ready for an Austin-Esque return



My point being that the Chelsea boom/bust cycle or managerial instability doesn’t seem to stop them taking care o’ BINUSS.

Weird as fuck.


Think Austin-Esque might be on Spurs’ bench tomorrow


Worst performance of any defending champions in their first fixture so far apparently. Against Burnley.


Pointless statistic until the end of the game


The point is they’re playing shitter than any defending champions have ever played before


guys remember when leicester won the league


Only thing this match needs is for us to be awarded a penalty only for courtois to belt it into the stands.


We’ve unveiled a new signing today, at half time, has Jordon on the back of his shirt…


Any other expat FL fans streaming with the ifollow thing. amazing technology


yeeeeeahhhhh junior hoilett still exists