⚽ ⚽ ⚽ ⚽ BPL Opening Weekend Football Thread ⚽ ⚽ ⚽ ⚽



bt playing lampard and gerrard together on the same panel. have we learned nothing?


Gerrard himself made that joke a few weeks ago. Take that how you want.


I’ll go again


Just got a WhatsApp video from my Brighton m9 at the Amex and he’s clearly completely wasted. Happy for the fella.


Presumably, TFM had a mare?


No a mixed bag. He made a great last ditch tackle to stop Huddersfield getting a 4th. You could see his quality.

Ward had a mare at right wing back. I’d expect TFM to be moved there and Tomkins to come in to the centre.


That’s ridiculously harsh.


nah. He knew what he was doing. Definite yellow just a pretty painful bump on the way


Don’t get too excited - we were shiiiiite


Hahaha Jesus Christ, are city still persevering with silva?! The guys absolute dross


No, that’s Stephen Ireland


Jesus’s eyebrows


Ffs trust city to stink up the opening weekend. I demand goals.


This must be Otamendi’s favourite kind of game. Get to play a high line, catch people offside and clatter into them knowing he’s got at least one other centre back covering.


Roughly 120% possession, roughly 0 shots on target. Could be watching City at any time in the last four years or so


Plus not having to remind people you’re not actually a footballer


She’s not left you again has she?


there he is :slight_smile:




I actually went to the game. Good performance from Cardiff, but Villa were dire. Really flat performance from them.