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The new MOTD match graphics are nice and clean aren’t they? Remember the days when they didn’t even have any.


Hardly a hot take I know, but Fabregas is such an unpleasant little shit that it’s always a pleasure when something like that happens.


literally no one thinks that apart from Arsenal fans.


Spurs fans too tbf


I don’t like them, there’s some weird shadow effect that looks weird and the colours under the team names are odd.

Just keep it simple


Didn’t see the game, only the highlights. Chelsea definitely threw that game, Courtois could have saved that first one 100% certain on this


I’m bemused by Shearer and other commentators trying to make out that the Cahill challenge wasn’t dangerous and a deserved red card. He’s a good foot past the ball when he catches the guy on the top of his shin with studs up.


nah. as someone who’s no affiliation to arsenal, chelsea or their rivals i can confirm fabregas is a twat


Cahill’s was a definite red, no argument. I thought Shearer was saying it was a red?


no chance david wagner doesn’t have an extensive adult video collection at home.


Nah now looks way too nicer than that. Black text on white >>>> white text on colour


I’m quite a fan of that Huddersfield shirt.


He said he didn’t want that tackle to be a red, but it is under the current rules. As if somehow a dangerous studs up lunge is just hi-jinx that should be tolerated.


yeah I agree that black on white looks nicer, just the shadow effect doesn’t look consistent and the colour bars don’t really match the kits


I’m not really seeing a shadow effect. Get a new tv mate! :wink:

Edit: oh wait I can kinda see it, don’t mind


man, Palace got a fucking pasting.


Huddersfield manager looks like every German man that you see at shit all-inclusive resorts


That group celebration can fuck off


“Expected goals”. WTF!


Despite Steven Mounie’s two goals, Danny Murphy’s Man of the Match award goes to Phillip Billing