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55 inch 4k HD mate


Ah too HD then.


Post HD (PHD)


“They knew he was dangermouse” - Ian Wright


Danger mouse Zaha


has Ian Wright in 10 seconds just referred to Zaha as a ‘Danger Mouse’ and Huddersfield as Middlesborough?


Someone else who needs to adjust their telly.


Yes - noticed this too but couldn’t type fast enough!


Think this is the first time I’ve watched MOTD this year. Worth it for Dangermouse alone.


Tbf Watford do have a distinctive style now I’m watching them again - just as many massive bastards as possible trying to bastard it into the net.


Wagner and Klopp got 2 for 1 on those cunt glasses


Can someone read this article please and let me know if it’s something I shouldn’t ever have to think about again for the rest of my life?


Social media bullshit - probably an Olympic sport in 2034.*

*Haven’t read it, obviously.


Still take the odd moment to marvel at the idea of Vardy in an Arsenal shirt.


when did this change:

can only assume the opportunity to work with Danny ‘bants merchant’ Murphy drew him back into the fold


Ha ha!

I was pleased with Morata and Rudiger. Surely Norata has to start.

I really really want Michi to have a good season, and to get a good chance to prove himself, but he hasn’t looked good since the friendly against Arsenal.
His laying off of the ball today was dreadful.


hahaha I’ve never heard Walker talk before. :smiley:


I’ll be honest, it’s nice to see Wayne Rooney looking so genuinely happy.


Properly weird Chelsea let Zouma go isn’t it. Palpably better than Cahill.


Haha I was just watching that interviewand for the first time in years I thought ‘fair play Rooney, enjoy yersel ma man’