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i’m kind of glad he’s gone tbh. after seeing that horrific injury he sustained in 2016, I find it quite difficult to watch him play.


The Southampton manager looks like he is going for a shift in Sainsbury’s chilled section after the match is over.


He looks like the never spotted milliband brother


Locked in the attic.


Weird vibe in here again


He’s well good too


Enjoyed yesterday’s match at the Bridge despite the result. Ref got everything right in the first half and very little right in the second, although he was right to bin off Fabregas.

MOTD highlights severely misrepresent the shape and incidents of the game.

I rescind my upthread worries about Morata - he’ll be fine.


‘Expected goals’. The stat no one needs or wanted.


put all your @bugduv inspired beer tokens on newcastle - spurs to draw later please


My cursed spurs mate decided not to go to this at the last minute so Spurs odds of getting a result have gone from 0% to 0.1‰


Not a lot of banter from Batshuayi twitter today :disappointed:


Friendship Cup today!


This has done me


All trains cancelled thanks to a fatality at Milton Keynes. Armchair red status restored :disappointed:


Ah that sucks (for you and, well, the reason you’re not going). I’ve still only been to one game at OT :confused:


Got plenty more lined up this season so it’s not the end of the world (beyond the cash being a bit galling) feel dead bad for some kids that were sat on the train pre-cancellation though. They were devastated :disappointed:


I like the metric when you put it against goals scored to see how prolific a striker actually is tbf


Oh no! I’m so sorry mate :slightly_frowning_face:


Gutted tbh


Cheers, friends. Could be worse though, could be in a position where throwing yourself in front of a train seems like an option. Poor bastard. As I’m sure you can imagine there were some extremely sensitive and considered opinions flying around the carriage. One charming bloke said “he’d offer to kill them himself”. Twats.