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Bantered off by shithousery


Only 3.5 actual professional footballers in the Liverpool line up tbf


Cairney and Aluko are definites to score! How has Aluko been? In his first season with us he scored 8 goals by Christmas and looked really special. He then got an injury and was never quite the same. I still have a lot of love for the lad even though he missed tons of chances.

This goal to win it against Newcastle is one of my top away memories ever.


He’s looked sharp when I’ve watched us. He’s helped by us having a rotating cast behind Martin so he gets rested a bit. Cairney’s our most important player and one of the best in the league imo


2-0 :smiley:

Fuck off Scousers!


Maybe Klopp just hates accumulators.


:smiley: Lawrenson telling Moreno to “get a life” for backslapping Costa.


I feel compelled to break the no sc**tish football rule for this:


tremendous :smiley:


I am on my way to Chelsea v Brentford.

Last time in this fixture we lost 4-0 after being 0-0 at HT, David Luiz smashed one of our youngsters in the head for no reason and the person next to me stormed out when he found out that John Terry had scored against us.

This time, 3-0 Brentford, heard it here first.


Liverpool have had a shot on target - only took them an hour…


painful to watch now isn’t it

Still, on comes Sturridge :frowning:


no chance. 5-1 chelsea.


we’ll see


“Bodvarsson was in the Iceland team who beat Liverpool in the Euros”



State of this


Ooh… nervy last 5 minutes. Scousers have scored.


Ahahaha Liverpool




Kompany back, I give him 8 minutes.