Social Change Music Thread 2020

Was wondering what songs talk about current social issues but don’t see it here so I thought I’d start a new thread.

Here are some songs that I think fit the bill.
Please feel free to add to the list:

X: THC- This Town

The Killers - Land Of The Free


Lil Baby - The Bigger Picture

Preston Williams - « Trafalgar Way

Why does this thread suddenly make me think of Allflaws?

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trying to edit my initial post but I don’t see how I can edit it. Can anyone help? Thanks

Are you trying to remove that X THC song?

no, I'm trying to  embed all of my suggestions with images which are like the ones further down in the blog. I should have embeeddedd them instead of just linking them. But I can't seem to edit my post. Can you tell me how I can edit the post?

Only if you admit you’re in X HTC