Social Credit Scoring & The Gameification of political obediency

Sounds like these people have never experienced how cool it is to not care about stuff


That probably means Google will get to muscle in though. Especially in post-Brexit don’t-worry-about-tax-lads-fill-yer-boots land.

That’s the problem with performative nihilists: at some point they end up genuinely having an inability to engage in empathy, and then they enable libartarianism.

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I agree.

It won’t be the UK’s usual suspects (G4S, Serco) doing this, but the tech-giants and financial companies.

Yeah, the tech conference I went to a month ago had a seminar about the vast data that we are constantly generating and it its uses re;monitoring.

There was some discussion about the cultural differences between east and west as two of the speakers had recently returned from Songdo in South Korea - a city purpose built for total surveillance with the concomitant promise of zero crime.

One of the other speakers was a woman called Maja Brickwall who works at who have a mission to use monitoring tech & data in conjunction with univeral standards to have a real-time global feedback down to a local level on air quality, water quality, viral or infectious outbreaks etc etc

It became clear in the question & answer section after the seminar that china & korea had conceptualised human individual action - in particular civil disobedience & non-conformity - as the biggest threat societal safety whereas the model for global goals was that environmental dangers are the bigger danger to society

I think it’s perhaps reductive though to think of this as polarised attitudes between east & west & more aligned along authoritarian/libertarian axes

What you have to ask yourself really re: the UK is where on that authoritarian/libertarian axis does the current/future government lie. It’s really not that clear these days

I’m not sure if that’s directed at me personally but I wouldn’t say that’s true in any case
I would almost certainly say it comes from the comfortable middle classes instead

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Performative nihilism? I agree.

Dunno why you’re being a jerk man

i think it’s just really sad that gamification has taken over everything and is only going to get worse

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well this is why Brexit is a key moment in all of this - in recent years it has been the EU as a legal entity that has shown the will and put the resources into standing up against the US tech giants & others seeking to have open market on data

how the UK cedes from EU law will be crucial, as will the level of economic impact from Brexit as to whether the obscene amounts of money that could be made on an open data market are a driving force into changing/softening of laws, not to mention vested interests of politicians in data ventures (not unlike the opportunism backstage around the privtisation of the Post Office or the NHS)

but then there’s also the aspect of law being perhaps unable to keep up with the pace of change of technology & the fact that there are plenty of businesses & individuals that flount the law every day (using technology) without repercussion because the cost of policing & enforcing such things is prohibitive

and there will be many persuasive arguments from lobby groups - imagine if your tech company could demonstrate with 95% accuracy a person’s likelihood of committing a crime based on their social media metrics + their gps + their purchasing history …and all this at a fraction of the cost of the equivalent ‘intelligence led policing’

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yeah, it felt very wrong getting likes in the Harvey Weinstein thread

very wrong

For all that he put his point in his trademark blunt style I think @Ruffers has a very solid point in highlighting that constructing a society where your opportunities are governed by external parties using information about you over which you have no control looks a lot like good old class discrimination by another name. And surely it’s therefore fair to point out that there’s nothing new under the sun in that regard.

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But what if the cybermen come for the architects!!!

I agree, but it could have been done in a way that actually engages with the topic, rather than being blasé to the extent that it is an attempt to shut down debate.

Where do you get off telling people how post? It’s not like I go around telling you to post like less of a boring pedant

well yeah

except that the Chinese model here is a points-based class system

whereas the traditional UK model is a class-based points system

Yes, the Chinese system is very clearly different to how any similar thing might manifest itself here. Here I agree (with marckee?) that it will be led by commercial organisations, rather than the state. But I think it’s inevitable.

I can imagine a jumble of conflicting & overlapping interests including public sector authorities & PPPs myself

One slight barrier here is surely how much the companies are in possession of big data are willing to share that data with the government.

China if I remember correctly expressly bans the use of any social media or encryption unless it can be accessed by the government or otherwise filtered by the government where as that’s not (yet) the case in the UK.