Social media accounts for pets


I like it because if you really love someone’s pet you can follow that specific account for lots of lovely updates, and if you’re not bothered then hopefully your friends’ personal accounts won’t have that much pet content on them.

I only really think it gets ridiculous if someone is clearly expecting their pet account to have hundreds of followers, rather than it just being their friends who love their pet(s).


Border collie is the most intelligent dog.


Might set up an account for my guitar


Your dog insta is a great example of how these things should be done.


Aw, thanks man


‘While my Guitar Gently Tweets.’

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Decided to call my gretsch Gretchen and my jazzmaster Jazzmine


Oh FFS. He’s been in a fucking music video tonight hasn’t he?


What did the dog have to say for himself? Bet he gave it plenty of rabbit.


can we just turn this into a rolling thread of you reporting on the dog’s exploits please?


He’s got such an idiot face too. I don’t think I can keep an eye on his account anymore as he winds me up so much.


Want to know what this account is so much rn


I’m worried one of his owners might be a lurker.


Totally get it, definitely don’t post it publically. Google alerts n that


this guy is good, he goes and visits lots of dog friendly places in town. also he met james murphy when lcd played whp i hope this isn’t the dog that @scout hates with her whole life


JFC Vine


is it him? sorry. gf told me about him coz he goes to dog friendly places and its nice to learn that places are dog friendly through instagram osmosis rather than having to make an effort to ask them or whatever


Actually checking it it’s not his account that’s the problem but what his owners post about him on their accounts (surely keep dog stuff to the dog account).


Yes it’s HIM. Pure raging.


Of COURSE he fucking met James Murphy.