Social media audit 2021

Still have Facebook as I’m using it to organise a stag do that’s coming up. As soon as that’s done I won’t have any active social media profiles, which I’m really looking forward to. Social media is absolute poison.

Almost exclusively for Drag Race forums

This question:

Do you mean: “The sites I mostly browse/lurk, instead of posting is”
OR do you mean: “The site I browse/lurk the most” (full stop)

I deleted my Facebook and no longer have access to Messenger.

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The first one.

I only use WhatsApp to talk to my friend Paul and 3 DiSers. SMS or Facebook/Insta messenger all the way.

I still have a facebook account, but I never post updates on there, and only a few of my friends still do, so I just use it to keep up to date with what they’re doing. To only add ‘content’ is in local groups (eg residents’ association etc). I might use facebook messenger once or twice a year if someone messages me, but would never use it out of choice.

I have a twitter account, but it’s mainly to keep up with what’s happening in the world. If I relied on broadcast or UK newspaper sites, I’d be a lot less informed. Twitter’s fine if you curate your feed and follow the right people.

I use Whatsapp group to chat and organise things with friends and family. I could do without the tedious meme sharing that has crept into it amongst people of my parent’s generation though.

I use normal text messaging to chat with my girlfriend, mum and brother.

Does DiS count? Do the odd bit of Twitter doom scroll (mainly through posts here) but don’t have the app.

Aside from a couple of other music boards have never been on anything else apart from a new user account on Facebook for a few weeks to contact people about a family funeral.

I know this is proper ‘oh we don’t have a tv’ territory - Don’t feel that social media is particularly terrible, bout the same downsides as traditional media. Am just one of those pricks who take days to reply to a text as it is and hate having my photo taken so was never going to be keen.

Edit - just realised whatsapp counts, so yeah am a fully functioning media node

It has been noticed that boomer tiktok is becoming a thing. Suppose some late Millennials who are in their mid 20’s fair enough




I don’t really have the negative experiences with social media that other people talk about. For me I like it as a way to maintain some kind of connection to people I know. Obviously whether you have bad experiences depends how you use it and whether you might be a target for particular groups though.

ah, know i think it was deactivation i guess? honestly it was months and months ago

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This thread made me go on linkedin for the first time in months.

I can only apologise

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what if DiS socal media

Instagram: Videos of rescue pit bulls, Billy Corgan Q&A’s
Facebook: Local community groups
Youtube: Pumpkins concerts and rarities, all things Zwan
Twitter: Had to delete it when the pandemic started, it was too much

My wife made me delete my facebook because I was getting too angry at the people in town and everyone I grew up with, so now I just look through hers and get angry at the people in town and everyone she grew up with.

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