Socially distanced live music

So there are a bunch of socially distanced shows happening in Newcastle over the next few weeks. Sam Fender kicked them off a few days ago

That’s before the show and gives you a good look at the setup they’re using

This is during the show (be aware that this video contains Sam Fender’s music)

I guess it’s nice to see something happening even if it isn’t for me, but the scale of this production is obviously a massive barrier to smaller stuff happening.

Also there’s a very similarly named proper arena in Newcastle, and when I first saw these announced I just assumed they were there, just with a really scaled down crowd size. But apparently not. Hope the weather proves decent for the rest of this season.

I’m not totally sure the point of this thread, i guess some people would be interested in seeing this in practice. Would this work for you? Still fancy a day at Field Day/Primavera/Sonisphere/your festival of choice if you name to spend it in a little square?

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It’s not for me.

But it’s the best available under current circumstances and so best of luck to them if they’re able to be financially viable for this type of model.


Not sure I’d go unless friends really wanted to as a day out but if it gets people in the industry some jobs then I’m all for it.


Yeah does seem it could only be worth doing for the band/promoter if the tickets are really expensive, as the set up looks costly and the crowd is obviously really limited.

In theory, I’d still be up for watching a band like that, if prices are normal and I’m not miles away from the stage. It’s not ideal, but also, not that much difference than sitting at a gig normally.

It’s also clearly not going to become anything more than a curiosity/novelty until things return to normal, but I can’t blame people for trying.

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This is a v good point - not sure but I can only presume so?

Reminds me of one of the problems with big office buildings is limits on lifts. How do you move 100s of workers in if only two people can get into a lift at a time? Same problem here really.

“You can go near the front, but you won’t be released until 1am”

If it was any gig where I wouldn’t have minded sitting in normal circumstances then it’d probably be fine.


I do wonder what happens if there’s a medical emergency around the middle of it.

Frank turner wants a word


Imagine lots of unsuccessful indie bands could boast about doing socially distanced gigs years before Covid was even a thing




extremely Matrix voice not like this


Those poor people at the back may as well not even be there. What a farce

This looks shit. Not for me. If it keeps people in a job and people are willing to pay then fair enough but I’d hate that kind of ‘experience’


No queue for the bar or toilets = good.

Pretty much everything else = not for me.


Think there will still be a queue it’ll just be longer as everyone is standing 2 metres apart. Toilets will have to be cleaned after each use or something. Nightmare.

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Would depend on the act I guess. Like I could watch someone like Bill Callahan like that because it’s not massively about the ‘energy’ but would be pretty lolsome trying to enjoy Shellac in such an environment.

But it barely seems worth it over televised stuff.

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Shellac is exactly the type of band I would like to see in these circumstances because it would just be so bizarre


The arts council fund is to cover loses from putting gigs on between October-March at around quarter capacity. There’s expectation across the board that this will happen. Unless there is a second wave it’s pretty much set to happen.

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Bars have been open for a while now and that doesn’t seem to have made a difference.
A local venue is hoping to open at 15 capacity in an 80 capacity venue. There’ll be a 2 metre gap between the stage and crowd, and they’ll have to hire someone to handle cleaning (as well as other precautions). I don’t think it’ll be any more dangerous than a bar opening.