Sock chat (rolling)

for all your sock based chat

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Got a fuck load of these isn’t it.

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Look at these:

i only ever wear red socks, 4 different types so as long as i pair up the specific pairs the shade of red is always the same.

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wore these earlier today



Lots of sock chat on newDiS.

same - that’s how you win at socks.

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Yeah it’s really not difficult is it.

Had some of these for Christmas, I’m impressed that I’ve not lost one yet.

Anyone have special socks for anything?

I’ve got loads of these for climbing in.

theo will be creating a sock subcategory at this rate

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The system works!

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Not at all, Jez. It’s easy to the point of being barely worth mentioning.

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good god no. I detest trainer socks.

they feel all wrong.

Sex sox…

Wouldn’t know how they feel. They look wrong for sure.

details please

My gf’s parents got me some running socks for my birthday.