Socks Appeal


Show us what you got

Sock chat (rolling)

Black cotton. That’s all I have.


The fuck you doing wearing socks in Bris, though.


I used to do this and matching after washing was a literal nightmare literally.

Now it’s a piss easy job and life is better.

Also, it’s like a little secret of my crazy side that only I know about!!!


It is uncharacteristically cold at the moment. Gets up to 29 in the middle of the day n shit, but pretty chilly in the evenings. Still using a doona in late October!


looking forward to the ‘show us your pants’ thread


Last christmas the gf got me seventeen pairs of these bad boys. All you need.


And the very next day?




They’re not just all black, my socks are the exact same M&S make obviously. Hence no issues matching


wonder if zxcvbnm, has died from toxic shock yet from his new ones


Constantly surprised by how surprised I get at all this bollocks. Fucking socks are some sort of “method of self-expression” to sell something more expensively now. Jesus.


What’s wrong with people enjoying themselves, Ant?


Not wearing any socks.

Only really wear socks for [spoiler]cycling these days. Here are some of my fave cycling socks:[/spoiler]


Please don’t say that


How antisocial!


Wearing colourful socks is definitely more fun than watching Manchester United play football!!!


got complimented on the first pair the other day by a total stranger :slight_smile:


Yeah, not really impressed with those.