Socks on or socks off?

Depends on how hot I am. Socks when I need to be warm, no socks when I need to be cooler.

It’s really hard getting the cum off of them


Socks and sliders/sandals is in

very much dependent on the situation, something you have failed to address with this somewhat simplistic poll, and therefore i will not be voting on this occasion.

I’m wearing my nerdy little school shoes, usually wear them with those little hidden socks that are a bit like tights but you can always see them so I’ve gone sockless today and I regret nothing.

(I do, weird little creepy tight socks I miss you)

i cant wear shoes without socks but otherwise i’m as barefoot as possible

if it was acceptable i’d take my shoes and socks off in restaurants, pubs, on trains etc

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Do Birkenstocks and socks a lot. My wife takes the Mick out of me, but if it’s comfy, it’s comfy

going to stick a pair of them little socks that you can’t see on when I go out later and split the difference.

I’m the kind of guy who tends to have socks on during my time in the realm of the awake

socks pulled up over the ends of joggers

  • I like this, makes me feel sporty
  • I don’t like this

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