How’s your sock game DiS?

I’ve simplified things by abandoning the concept of matching socks, if they are both socks that’s good enough for me


The guy across the aisle from me on the train has a suit and tie… and ‘wacky’ socks on. I’m really not sure tbh

Gutted they only do these in small

I have 25+ pairs of identical black socks. A Christmas present from my partner was 17 of them.

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oh my god

I think you had pnikks at ‘Miyazaki’

best socks are probably these:

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I have a mighty need.

Guy at the meeting I just attended was wearing a black suit and shoes with grey trainer socks. Media graduate

I went out and bought a load just before christmas time, already have holes in a couple from walking too much in beat shoes, I’m going to chuck both the shoes and the socks out

stocked up in TK Maxx yesterday

Ix pack of thicker boot type socks

2x packs of “normal socks” in assorted patterns

going to have a clearout and throw out all the shit ones soon

I had to buy some warm socks. I went to the market, asked the man for some socks and he showed me them. I asked if he had thermal socks and he said, “they’re in this department” and took me to the next table. I bought the ones that he was wearing, they were cack.

still trying to find overlook hotel ones (from the shining)

awful - my pants are worse