Sofa Bed Thread


So I need to get a sofa bed for my new flat for guests.

Probably looking to spend a few hundred max.

Any recommendations?



I am someone who was against using ikea much for the new flat, and yet i couldn’t find anything better, anywhere, than the ikea corner couch/sofa bed


I dream of one day owning a trundle bed and dazzling my guests with the surprise


I think my old flat had this, which was fairly comfy as a bed but not so much as a sofa. But is my current thinking.


We’re getting a self-inflating air mattress thing for this purpose instead (and possibly for sleeping on ourselves until the proper bed gets delivered). They’re much better these days than the vulcanised rubber nonsense that comes to mind when you think “air bed”, and only £50 or so.


Got one of these recently:

It seems fine for the price - we needed something ~150cm wide and this fit the bill. Seems comfy, though I’ve not slept on it yet. Not sure I would use it regularly as a sofa or a bed, though.


oh, i have this (top one)

but i thought it was less expensive than it is


Yeah I’m in a similar boat. Don’t want to use ikea much but happy for this purpose.

Edit I see above.


Hello. We have this sofa bed with storage. It is fine. I would advise against ever deciding to change which side the corner is on though as you will lose your head whilst doing it.


Really? I mean there’s nothing wrong with Ikea but… really, nothing better out there at all, anywhere?


Sofa thread bed


We have this, fairly comfy sofa, very decent bed:


Would assume he means for reasonable price/easy to get hold of.


Something like

Obvs if you actually want a sofa too then it’s no use.

  • I own the IKEA Friheten corner sofa bed
  • I do not own the IKEA Friheten corner sofa bed

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not without sticking down double the price, from what i saw. this is specifically sofa beds btw. a lot of them have those rickety spring loaded frames.

whereas the idea one has a really pleasing wheel-out and then fold out sturdy design. damn their efficiency


:smiley: literally everyone i know who wanted a sofa bed has this


Needs an option for not yet but plan to own it soon.


Really wanted to get this but THE PRICE jfc:

with this cover:


My colleague has one, the other day she said, “When you really want to chill out, do you pull out the bed part and just properly slob out on the sofa,” and it had never occurred to me before, but I have done it twice since and I highly recommend it.