Sofa Recommendations

Need a new one. 3-seater would be just about right. Need something that will last (i.e. not Ikea then). Any ideas?

so near, sofa.



(anything but leather)

jay lews

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I am interested in the outcomes of this thread.

Ideally non-leather outcomes.

MC Sofa King Shit Thread

Does DFS take Qs?

Plus this thread:

Dunno if any of the stores ever have sales on tbh

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we have this in teal

they don’t do it any more though

had it years and years

Next. Decent range of contemporary and traditional styles and good range of fabrics. Interest free finance options. We’re really pleased with ours.

Got mine form Furniture Village. It is good but it is discontinued and four seater.

Happy to help

We’ve got the French Connection / DFS sofa, in “zinc” (it’s not metal, it’s comfy fabric):