Soft and non- or low-alcoholic drinks

I’m not drinking this month, mainly so I remember how to appreciate it in December.

Please use this thread to talk about things drinks you like.

Polls are welcome, as is chat.

Soda water and lime. Standard.

Ginger beer if I’m feeling fancy.

Alcohol free Erdinger and Fürstenberg are ok.


Diet coke mostly
Full fat coke if I’m eating steak (dunno why I make this exception)

all great

Brewdog’s Nanny State is a nice no-booze drink.

Not a fan of soft drinks, but IF I HAVE TO then Dandelion and Burdock or Ginger Beer. Would rather just drink water.

Lemon and mint Sanny-P

Drinking expensive softdrinks partly defeats the point, so i just get blackcurrant cordial with ice. On average about 75p a pint, which is still some markup for the twats, but it’s on average about £4 saved a time for me, so…

Shoutout to Cidona, my favourite drink as a kid.

Also, Cork’s favourite luridly coloured soft drink, Tanora.

Classy lemonades if they have em, tonic water if they don’t.

I developed a taste for root beer when I was on holiday in the spring.

Big fan of elderflower cordial too. Our local turkish restaurant sells a really tasty bubblegum/lemonade drink - I need to find out what that one is called.

Big fan of water


I find the alcohol-free wheat beers much more pleasant than the rather malty flavour of the barley ones.

I’ve only had the NA Erdinger but it tasted a bit too close to Weetabix for me.

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Firefly lemon, lime & ginger drink

Not really into alcohol. So it’s cranberry juice, ginger beer (NOT Fentimans) or tomato juice (that spicy one or disguised as a Virgin Mary).

I’m comfortable with my masculinity and don’t care what other people think anymore. Yeah, still get strange looks when I ask ATDs to get me a cranberry.


I shit you not, a pint of keg beer is about £6 now (in South Manchester).

You can still get a nice pint of cask beer for £4, but that’s not the point.

They’re tsking the piss, but gormless cunts are obviously paying it.

I’m quite a fan of the Innis and Gunn NA IPA. Nanny State is tasty too.

Paid relatively loads for these from Big Drop:

The Spiced Ale and Lager are both dead good.

tonic water & lemon

Did this last month, usually had coke/coke zero/irn bru. Had nanny state a few times too and also a really nice non-alcoholic weizen that I can’t remember the name of (hope this helps)

dash of orange cordial, juice of a whole lime, topped with a pint of fizzy water and lots of ice.

When people put lemon or lime into a drink it’s purely for show, it doesn’t alter the flavour. Surprised so many people fall for it.