Soft and non- or low-alcoholic drinks


When people put lemon or lime into a drink it’s purely for show, it doesn’t alter the flavour. Surprised so many people fall for it.


love a good Radler in the summer


This has made me very angry indeed


I, irked?


Still or sparkling?


It’s the drink version of half a grilled tomato on a fry-up. No point.


Orange juice and lemonade yum


Didn’t like nanny state when I tried it last week.

Normally a lime and soda guy on the softs. At home in the evenings I’ve taken to drinking peppermint and camomile tea.


even if you like grilled tomato on a fry up it literally doesn’t exist on your plate so I agree


Good quality tonic water (i.e not from the soda gun) with a slice of lime is my go to
If I just want a low alcohol ill @ a radler or shandy though…


Can’t find a good image of the new Lucozade glass bottles. Bottle of Lucozade and a pint glass with ice is my usual non-alcoholic drink in the pub.


Ginger beer is ace, feels like a treat in its own right (to me). Give it a blast of lime and some Angostura bitters, make a virgin Moscow Mule and it’s party time




Angostura with the tonic for a real special treat


Sorry i’ve got you so mad.



Only just met her



haha, i’m not mad.

(its clearly bollocks though).



Bottlegreen lemonade and mint is my favourite ever, but actually everything here is great


On the contrary, mon frere, you are quite patently very mad.