Soft Drink of the Summer 2018


it’s Schweppes ginger ale


Ting, as always


Tap water


Yeah this. Versatile innit, used it a lot with gin this summer.


Espresso & tonic, as nicked from Small Batch’s summer menu last year.


Waitrose apple, raspberry & rhubarb juice


San Pellers Limonata

(Although I’ve been enjoying Bo’s own brand sugar free pineapple and grapefruit “crush” recently)


At risk of being called a massive tory, I think its bottlegreen sparkling elderflower


I can’t believe you’ve done this


It’s a helluva drink


i’m not sure it’s so much a risk as an extreme definite


It’s a bit too sweet for me (although it’s perfect in prosecco)

Drink of the summer was always Rio for me, until they went down the artificial sweetener route. RIP Rio


It is very tasty though


Rio and ting are the two most tragic casualties of the post sugar tax era


Pineapple Ka was also a very sad loss.


Lilt (carribean flavour)


dandelion and burdock


Mango & Passionfruit Fanta


I got though the best part of a 2 litre bottle of that yesterday :grimacing:


This sounds good