Soft drink of the summer 2021

I’m in!
He’d be in the advert, but only reveal his identity at the very end to everyone’s delight!

He’s in loads of disguises, handing out free bottles of sparkling cheese water in different locations. No expense spared on the costume budget.





I’m looking for a mockup template for another dream product: the bin juice marker pen

It was intended for “sabotaging the food of your enemies” and the contents were ghost chili oil and bin juice. You used it to secretly draw an x on your enemies food to ruin it.

I was supposed to be a product tester but was having trouble finding situations where I could possibly use it.



Just checked and it’s a tie between San pellegrino aranciata rosso, and San pellegrino pompelmo

My heart still yearns for properly sugared Ting. Truly a drink too good and pure for this harsh world

For my money you can’t beat a nice glass of water


You can get water for free!!!

Nothing in this world comes for free

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The heaviest thing in this life is the truth


i thought it could be ice tea but the people have spoken

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Tell you what, Ant. Sometimes when I’m thirsty a thing I like to do is drink some water


Yeah, me too actually. If I’m really gasping for some liquid to help me stay hydrated, nothing does the job for me quite like water.

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Irn bru

Top Ranked Can of Ting

Oh yeah, I also love Lilt

I wanted to get my hands on some Lilt the other day but I couldn’t

They do it in Umüt