Soft drinks (poll)


Best manufacturer of soft drinks?

  • A.G. Barr (Tizer, Irn Bru, Rubicon)
  • Pepsico
  • Coca Cola
  • Suntory (Orangina, Ribena, Lucozade)
  • Desnoes & Geddes (Old Jamaica Ginger Beer)
  • Tropicana
  • Britvic
  • Don Simon
  • other

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Irn Bru
Barr Cola

Obvious choice




My favourite soft drink in the entire world is the bottlegreen lemonade and mint. But at £1.25 a CAN i usually just buy the bottles in bulk when they’re on offer (which they often are in waitrose!) They just taste so summery



looking forward to adybongo wading in with a posh choice no one’s heard of.


Pepsico make Ting AFAIK


Mirinda too.




Love Rubicon mango though, when I worked at an Indian tv station as a temp they had a free vending machine of Rubicon drinks (which I happily abused)


Coke (and its low-calorie alternatives)
Lemon Fanta

They’re like the Chelsea of the soft drink world.


Nestle own Sanny P so I’mma go for them.


fucking love rubicon. remember when they launched the lychee flavour and they were handing out free cartons outside mile end, me and my mate caught the guy as he was packing up to leave and he gave us a box of about 100 cartons as he couldn’t be arsed taking them back to the office.


no one really likes irn bru tho, do they? tastes awful.


I remember they used to make irn bru sweets that were delicious
The drink just tastes like electric vinegar


Drink of the summer:


People keep telling me about this
Might have to go one


always assumed these were alcoholic for some reason. do they make cider too?


Who owns San Pellerz?


the dolmio grandad.