Soft drinks (poll)

aye, actually. I worked in a bar that stocked almost the entire range of fentimans and they are glorious. cola is surprisingly nice too.

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23 replies and no one’s pretending it’s Fritz-Kola yet? surprising

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strawberry ribena is the best drink bar none so would go for that but NO WAY am i clicking on that button that says vote for SUNTORY, what if it gets counted somewhere else?

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Tell you what I’m increasingly enjoying, just a nice glass of tonic water

Can’t live with Fritz Cola, too tart. Club Mate though, that’s a hipster drink you can set your watch by. And then not sleep for a week.


I don’t think so? I think they just do juice?

I like the rose lemonade mainly cause i do this when i drink it


given the option:

  • Machine ‘self serve’ drink
  • Bottle (plastic)
  • Bottle (glass)
  • Carton

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Even if it was clearly a less tasty option, you’d go for ‘self-serve’ wouldn’t you? Just for novelty value like.

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Could go one of these right now

Entered thread to say exactly this

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Pair of proper class acts you and me, Blobbo

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Glass Bottle > Can > Self serve > carton > Plastic bottle

Strawberry Ribena is one of two things that give me heartburn.

The other is Fosters lager.

Fucking idiot over here selected ‘bottle (plastic)’ which is quite obviously the worst choice

Glass bottle obviously. Self-serve rarely gets the balance exactly right IMHonestO

Excellent sentence.

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@Aggpass Did you slip and accidentally select Pepsi?


The price of a nice tonic water in some places is absolutely dire mind you

That’s the price you have to pay for being classy as fuck though innit.