Soft drinks (poll)


What about Robinsons? Most flavours of Fruit & Barley are great, as is their Lemon Barley Water.

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‘Baller tax’


I think its clear at this point that I’ve left out tonnes of popular soft drinks. Forgot to even include cans as a choice on the second poll.

I should retire from polls.

Dunno if I really need to grow up a bit, but I drink so much squash at home. Can’t stand plain water.

Yeah, me too. I can handle plain water, but it’s much better with a dash of pink grapefruit/apple and pear/peach Fruit & Barley.

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I buy those 4 litre massive bottles of mineral water from tescos and live of those. Tap water gives me a funny stomach for some reason.

They make my favourite soft drink (Ting). I was voting on that rather than average quality or whatever. Tango is pretty great too though to be quite fucking humble

was ‘you’ve been Tango’ed’ ever a tagline for one of their advertising campaigns?

*You know when you’ve been Tango’ed

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Ting is ridiculously good in fairness, and so cheap. And goes tremendously with rum.


Wolf Cola!

I can’t agree enough with both of these points


Club Mate because I am the worst and have been to Berlin far too many times.

I think you will find that AJ Barr is the distributor. Rubicon Products Ltd is the manufacturer of Rubicons soft drink range.

Please fix this,



Please change the question to What is your favorite soft drink DISTRIBUTOR. You’re actions are putting the legitimacy of the DiS social boards into disrepute. Thanks.