Soft toy thread 🐻


…and someone has! For anything soft toy related you wish.

Here is Federica, she was a recent birthday present ‘from’ R because I kept borrowing his friends to cuddle:

Bonus feature, please share, if you would like, a stuffed toy from when you were really little. Here is Teddis next to a tiny me (he is still in my room):

Please no making fun of people in this thread, thanks.


If I’d known this thread was going to be created I would have taken a photo of my nephews hospital bed. He had five stuffed cuddly toy dogs. It was very cute.


I collected stuffed toys well into my teens, still buy the odd one on impulse occasionally


Had a great penguin when I was growing up




I love the penguins in the scarves! Also the sideways glance from what I am assuming is a humpty dumpty/generic egg-person :heart:



Shannon the Possum. Was a Christmas gift and the only soft toy I have in Leeds


not got them to hand but here’s a rundown of the lads from when i was a kid

buburr - teddy bear (no 1, loved him so much but i would treat him very rough, was often on the physio table getting sewn up by my mum. ate his eyes and had to go to the doctors)
browny - brown dog (no2, able deputy when buburr was injured, much sturdier)
moley - mole hand puppet (good lad)
lemmy - lemur hand puppet (solid)
steggy - shit dinosaur (no thanks)
clown - scary clown (fuck off)

very imaginative child with the names


My childhood teddy was imaginatively named, wait for it - Lovely Teddy.


of course, they’re ALL lovely teddies


My sloth


My workmate Joe’s got a phobia of sloths, I know it’s bad but I keep sending him really high res pictures of sloths


where is Teddy? i hope that he is still in my parents’ house. perhaps in the attic?? oh no where is he. if i find him i will give him a BIG hug




:smiley: I had “Other One Teddy” because it was the “other teddy” (the main one being Rupert the Bear).


When I was about 7 I pretended to really love a stuffed frog someone gave me because that’s what kids were meant to do with stuffed toys. Really tried to convince myself I had a deep affection for Freddy the Frog to feel normal but it was all a lie.


My favourite was simba the lion :lion:


I am glad I’m not at all ashamed of still being obsessed with animals like children are. I think it’s fine.


me and my sister won an actual Simba in a cereal competition. he was good friends with my sister’s 101 Dalmations dalmation (think she was called Spotty, but I forget).