Soft toy thread 🐻

When I went to France aged around 7 I made a little passport for my yellow bunny (called Bunny) and the passport guy stamped it


This made me think I had a sort of reverse situation: there was a teddy, who presumably I was given as a tiny baby, who my brother took from me. Now I can tell from my parents’ point of view that it was probably as simple as he took a shine to Miss Pinky, I was too young to have formed any attachment to her, so it was easier just to let him have her. However as a child when I found out she was meant to be mine I think I took it as a major rejection that she didn’t want to be my bear :cry:

My parents bought me a big teddy when I was six or seven. Didn’t like it. Too nice and shiny. Teddy Bears are nicer when all beat up and bruised. Don’t know what happened to the big teddy. I hope the motherfucker went through a woodchipper. Hated it.


I am trying to encourage rotation, it seems the best for all concerned in the long term.

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It has a beautifully wonky face :heart:

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no but i used to take register of mine with a little notepad and pencil before going to bed every night, would’ve worked better if they had surnames


It is ok, I know she must have had her reasons. I grew to understand that. It is a big consolation that she was and is his no. 1 bear, so they were obviously meant to be best friends.

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I think I usually just gave them a last name based on their species. For example, Howard the polar bear had the full name of Howard James Bear*

*I got Howard when I was 17, not even embarrassed.


I really hope your nephew is okay?

This thread has been the first time on new-dis that I have genuinely worried about the dreaded “running out of likes”

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My cousin (who is about 15 years older than me) made me a Winnie the Pooh bear when I was in the womb. It’s looking pretty battered these days:

I should point out that this bear was originally made of towling. He also had ears.


Nah, he is proper down to earth, a more likeable polar bear you are not likely to meet. He has one upside down paw, is very soft and for some reason loves mariachi music. GBOPB, I will take a picture of him tomorrow.

Sean increased the like limit before Christmas, I think it is in the hundreds now so no need to ration those likes any time soon :+1:

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Cool. Thanks Sean. Just climate change, the international rise of fascism and the heat death of the universe left on my worries list. Can he help with any of those?

No, but a nice soft toy might take the edge off?

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Was going to post pictures of Zammy but the TV will be rightly aggrieved if I start photographing my stuffed crocodile at twenty to twelve.


Something to look forward to for tomorrow then.

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He was a lot better yesterday.

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I have four soft toys from my childhood that survived.

  • Little Ted, my all-time dog, who is battered but still a peach
  • Litte Bear, his younger brother, who was bought first but not the one I fell for
  • Little Ted 2, bought when I was six as a replacement for Little Ted but he couldn’t be supplanted.
  • Blue Dog, was for a while the GOAT but is now just chilling and max relaxing in retirement.

My daughter has literally hundreds of soft toys. She has a few favourites she calls her babies. Here is a photo of the squad from last year.

That’s Mr Ladyberg, Pepper the Cat, Mrs Buzzybee and her all-time favourite, Zooby. Add to that a few new ones - a fairy my Gran got my wife before she died that is now called Tink, two fluffy dogs called Baby Frank and Other Frank (our actual dog is called Frank), and a larger and newer version of Zooby called Mummy Zooby.

Zooby isn’t it’s real name - it’s a Beanie Boo called Ruby, but she couldn’t say the name so it became Zooby after months of my wife and I correcting it. I used to come up with all the names, but now she does and she’s got a real knack for it. Her most recent one is a new teddy bear called Donnard. Don’t ask where Donnard came from. I don’t know.


This is snoopy. My only remaining childhood stuffed toy (panda may be around somewhere, but he was losing stuffing at an alarming rate last time I saw him)

My parents bought Snoopy back for me from a holiday to Hawaii they went on (without me or my sister, was a work holiday thing I think). My sister got the same toy but in a Hawaiian skirt. Snoopy’s t shirt says “I :hearts: Hawaii”