Soft toy thread 🐻


Not featured but I also have:

Gustave the piggy
Aurora the seal
Furio the otter
Leon the tortoise

And many many more


I’m not with him right now as I put him in a box to move but I have had a small beany baby style pig (not beany baby but from M&S!) since I was about 6 or 7? I purchased him with a £5 M&S voucher I got given for my birthday from someone.
I chose the pig because pigs are my favourite animals. I named him Ham (this was pre toy story)

I used to ask my mum to “act him out” when I was younger and she’d do a little skit where Ham was trying to climb up the side of the bed and was getting out of puff.

All the beans that were in his arms have travelled down to his legs over the years and now his legs look like willies. I’ll take a picture tomorrow evening!


Ham is currently wearing a wine bottle t-shirt from ARUBA!
He used to have a full tuxedo which fitted him perfectly from the factory store for 50p! Couldn’t believe my luck when I found that. It even had a rose in the pocket!


I am liking pretty much every post in this thread.


I will be back to this thread when I get back home.

my main two guys were:

Edward the teddy who I later realised had a life before me with my big sister, which… well, I dealt with it, because I loved him and I respected the fact that he was an individual with his own life.

Shyla the yellow rabbit. dunno where I got her name from. once, she went missing, but I rationalised it as her being on holiday. then she reappeared out of nowhere. never figured out what happened it’s fine.


also, although I’m a little bit jaded, I still feel super guilty about mine and my sisters’ old cuddly toys going unloved in our adult lives, and whenever I encounter them, I make the kind of face and sounds that indicate remorse.


reminds me I find the toy story films almost unbearably bleak, because even though woody and the gang always temporarily end up wanted, it is only a matter of time until the inevitable catches up with them, not to mention all the other toys that time has already run out for


I have been thinking a lot about sturdiness of soft toys recently. My son’s bear (the oddly named Vanilla Cream) isn’t the sturdiest, only a year and a half in and already suffering some deterioration (due to rough handling, biting, and through having to be washed for various reasons), I am a bit concerned for the bear’s longer term health. Luckily in the last couple of months a deputy has emerged in the form of Pinga (no guesses for what he is) so I am hoping the pair of them sharing top toy duties will help them last longer :crossed_fingers:


tiger’s the only one i have with me

actually a leopard


Totally adorable, and has the look of a properly loved old toy :heart_eyes:


yeah we go way back
probably needs a wash


Found myself seeing a lot of me in that tiger, the way it stares. In a way we are all a tiger who is really a leopard


my sister had a pumbaa and i was very jealous


and he’s watching us all
with the eye of the tiger


When I went to France aged around 7 I made a little passport for my yellow bunny (called Bunny) and the passport guy stamped it


it’s a valid concern, buburr’s crotch was a horrorshow by the end - legs hanging on by a thread. rotation policy could have helped.

i still end up destroying all my most precious possessions with constant fiddling. think it’s ingrained.


This made me think I had a sort of reverse situation: there was a teddy, who presumably I was given as a tiny baby, who my brother took from me. Now I can tell from my parents’ point of view that it was probably as simple as he took a shine to Miss Pinky, I was too young to have formed any attachment to her, so it was easier just to let him have her. However as a child when I found out she was meant to be mine I think I took it as a major rejection that she didn’t want to be my bear :cry:


My parents bought me a big teddy when I was six or seven. Didn’t like it. Too nice and shiny. Teddy Bears are nicer when all beat up and bruised. Don’t know what happened to the big teddy. I hope the motherfucker went through a woodchipper. Hated it.


I am trying to encourage rotation, it seems the best for all concerned in the long term.


can’t even watch the Toy Story films. not even joking.