Soft toy thread 🐻


Shyla was/is a yellow bunny!


did your soft toys have your surname?

mine did - my mam would tell them off for being naughty using their full names. FUCKING DELIGHTFUL.


this is so real to me and I am so sorry you went through this.

maybe that was just what was right for her at the time. maybe being a little baby’s toy was too much, or wasn’t enough? perhaps she envisioned a more sophisticated life, and wasn’t happy to wait for that.

we can only speculate, I suppose.


It has a beautifully wonky face :heart:


no but i used to take register of mine with a little notepad and pencil before going to bed every night, would’ve worked better if they had surnames


i love you m8.

this has made me laugh a lot


It is ok, I know she must have had her reasons. I grew to understand that. It is a big consolation that she was and is his no. 1 bear, so they were obviously meant to be best friends.


I think I usually just gave them a last name based on their species. For example, Howard the polar bear had the full name of Howard James Bear*

*I got Howard when I was 17, not even embarrassed.


pure adorable


I really hope your nephew is okay?


This thread has been the first time on new-dis that I have genuinely worried about the dreaded “running out of likes”


sounds like a toff bear tbh pal, not sure about him.


My cousin (who is about 15 years older than me) made me a Winnie the Pooh bear when I was in the womb. It’s looking pretty battered these days:

I should point out that this bear was originally made of towling. He also had ears.


Nah, he is proper down to earth, a more likeable polar bear you are not likely to meet. He has one upside down paw, is very soft and for some reason loves mariachi music. GBOPB, I will take a picture of him tomorrow.


Sean increased the like limit before Christmas, I think it is in the hundreds now so no need to ration those likes any time soon :+1:


Cool. Thanks Sean. Just climate change, the international rise of fascism and the heat death of the universe left on my worries list. Can he help with any of those?


No, but a nice soft toy might take the edge off?


Was going to post pictures of Zammy but the TV will be rightly aggrieved if I start photographing my stuffed crocodile at twenty to twelve.


mariachi music is excellent, might have been a bit hasty


Something to look forward to for tomorrow then.