Soft toy thread 🐻


Don’t even know where to start with all the photos I want to post. This is Peachie, Isaac and Pink Kitten:

Every morning they get out of bed with me and sit patiently on the couch (comfy) until I get home to play. They are super spoiled and have been a bunch of places, including Niagara Falls and San Francisco, Isaac especially who is about 15 years old! They get lots and lots of cuddles and are especially loved by by mother in law :slight_smile:


He was a lot better yesterday.


Here is Isaac checking out our strawberries last summer:

And here on our roof:


I have four soft toys from my childhood that survived.

  • Little Ted, my all-time dog, who is battered but still a peach
  • Litte Bear, his younger brother, who was bought first but not the one I fell for
  • Little Ted 2, bought when I was six as a replacement for Little Ted but he couldn’t be supplanted.
  • Blue Dog, was for a while the GOAT but is now just chilling and max relaxing in retirement.

My daughter has literally hundreds of soft toys. She has a few favourites she calls her babies. Here is a photo of the squad from last year.

That’s Mr Ladyberg, Pepper the Cat, Mrs Buzzybee and her all-time favourite, Zooby. Add to that a few new ones - a fairy my Gran got my wife before she died that is now called Tink, two fluffy dogs called Baby Frank and Other Frank (our actual dog is called Frank), and a larger and newer version of Zooby called Mummy Zooby.

Zooby isn’t it’s real name - it’s a Beanie Boo called Ruby, but she couldn’t say the name so it became Zooby after months of my wife and I correcting it. I used to come up with all the names, but now she does and she’s got a real knack for it. Her most recent one is a new teddy bear called Donnard. Don’t ask where Donnard came from. I don’t know.


This giant rabbit was called bonus bear, I have no idea why i called it this :joy: it was massive and I didn’t really like it so I left it in the hammock but still refused to let my siblings come into my room and take it. Also have a rabbit from Mothercare I had since birth and a kangaroo I got as a gift from my parents when I was 6, and a cat I got when I was 8. 30 this year and I’ll keep them forever. My mum once suggested that I could pass them to my future kids and I was like lol no they’re mine


This is snoopy. My only remaining childhood stuffed toy (panda may be around somewhere, but he was losing stuffing at an alarming rate last time I saw him)

My parents bought Snoopy back for me from a holiday to Hawaii they went on (without me or my sister, was a work holiday thing I think). My sister got the same toy but in a Hawaiian skirt. Snoopy’s t shirt says “I :hearts: Hawaii”




I only have this one, a Tigger that a boy bought me for my 21st (?!). If you push its belly the lamp lights up.


I’m not entirely sure whether Mrs Z or I own half of these.

This is Rilakkuma. He enjoys doing nothing and mostly sits on the sofa in the front room. He doesn’t normally wear glasses.

Jethro and Henry in my old flat decided to try and learn piano. They’re from IKEA. Jethro always looks super happy and Henry enjoys throwing parties when we go away. He also likes cake.


Dinosaur is my dinosaur. I got him from Mrs Z for my birthday a few years ago. He’s awesome, gives great hugs and I love him. Here he is learning to touch type.

We have three pokemon: Charmander, Mudkip and Komala. Charmander came on holiday to Portugal with me last year. Also pictured is David, my Dragon who came from Caenarfon when I was about 5 years old. He went to university with me in Aberystwyth because he wanted to go and visit his home country again.

There’s a few more, but they’re the main ones.


That’s a lot!


It is. I had a ludicrous number of soft toys when I was growing up, as @he_2 can attest.

All of those except David were bought jointly with Mrs Z though, so I guess we’re joint parents of most of them or something.


these sleep in the same bed as me and the TV every night


What’s happened to Sam? Did he ever get his fluff back?


He’s in the loft, and no, he’s never been the same since you gave him that “bath”.


J is very like you - he has an enormous number of soft toys.

His latest was a reindeer at the work Xmas party that he’s decided to call ‘Jeff’. Alas, he is mourning the loss of his penguin, ‘Waddles’ a lot at the moment too.

I haven’t accidently washed any of them in the bath though.




I honestly thought that’s what Sam had said he wanted…




I had some lovely jointly owned hippos with my ex, but I didn’t get custody of them and also lost some old friends :cry:


I love them all! Dinosaur looks very friendly.

I would love some sort of plush Pokemon, ideally something really strange.