Solheim Cup

Anyone in?

The last one was amazing, Europe have started very very well in this one.

Why does this finish on Monday?!?

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Some monster putts going in there in the last 5 mins or so

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Full disclosure- i don’t watch a lot of ladies golf….but what I’ve seen their short game is absolutely incredible, reckon their stats would all be up there with the top men on their tour.

Heck of a putt from Kucho there


Having said that both Korda sisters are having a shocker with the wedges

Good lord some of the putts being made have been incredible

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This is gonna be close

Recommend it to any golf casuals who tune in for the Ryder Cup, the atmosphere is similar but without any of the bombastic machismo

Nelly Korda is some athlete

Edit: changed simmering to bombastic

Really great competition. Was some putt to seal the deal there, knowing that if she missed the Americans were surging in the remaining games.

Fair play to the American crowd too. Yes, there were dickheads. Yes, they have the worst chant in international sports. But they kept the team going right until the very end, when most crowds would have probably been silenced by the early losses.

Amazing how every female golfer has the perfect swing.