Solo: A Star Wars Story


they should make young Chewie a big hunk like that gorilla everyone fancied


Which has sorta happened unintentionally, as both The Last Jedi and (I think) Episode 9 were given May release dates before being pushed back to December.


Originally episode 8 was due out middle of last year and episode 9 this Christmas I think. Not sure if the Anthology films were really a thing at that point. 18 months is really fast work to be considering though


People take the piss out of ‘Reshoots’ but the entire Vader sequence at the end of Rogue… came from reshoots. So, like… not always a bad thing surely?


It’s terrible though. I mean as a sequence it’s fun but it bears no relation to any other scene involving Darth Vader in any of the original trilogy films and makes your final sequence a baffling “YAY! A BAD GUY!” moment.



It gives insight into why an entire galaxy absolutely shits themselves at the mention of his name


All big films have reshoots, it’s a bit weird how people still see them as a sure sign of alarm bells.


But the whole point is he doesn’t go nuts. He’s casual as fuck. His Menace is NOT showing his hand.

Fuck he pulls a blaster out of Han’s tight fist from 10 m away and he can’t get those plans?

He’s like a rabid dog then 10 mins later when he boards Leia’s ship he’s just captain cool ass bad guy again?

Even fighting Luke he barely moves. He just sort of lets the battle come to him.


Agree that reshoots are common, but these are generally because of technical issues. Less common are reshoots because the original director has been given the boot and they want to change the nature of the film.


You could almost say it’s a Phantom Menace.


True, Superman II is the only notable one I can think of


Didn’t they just move them all after Episode VII was delayed by JJ?


That was purely to write a new ending and make sure he’d shot enough to be credited as director


Isn’t the whole point that we’ve never seen Vader do shit like that really? I mean, he’s choked a few guys (he’s a proper fucking bad ass HR-bothering boss in A New Hope, choking cunts left right and centre) but this was like "Oh, yeah, the Vader from the preqeuls was a whiny worthless shithead. Let’s really show him fucking shit up.

I mean, I’ve said before, Episode I and II should have been one 90 minute movie, and then Episode II and III should have been why Vader was such a bad ass, as he fucking conquered the galaxy, not through some odd machinations almost coup shit that actually happened.


I remember him being pretty laid back in this scene? (In a mass murdery way).


Yeah, that’s what I was going to say but foget - it was cool as fuck effortless. He didn’t just do a Kylo Ren fucking swinging his saber everywhere, it looked like he’d not even opened his fucking eyes when he fucked shit up.


Because he’s mostly machine, that’s why you don’t see it.

Three original films and not once did we say to ourselves, “he should fuck shit up more, he’s just not badass enough”


Speak for yourself. I had a Vader toy and he fucked shit up all the time. All the time.


But he was still a great villain and it was nothing to do with how he was in that weird fan-wank final sequence of Rogue One.

The earlier bit of him in R1 is dreadful too.


Can’t argue with this. It doesn’t work.