Solo: A Star Wars Story


It does nothing for me but it doesn’t really have anything in it. I can’t work out how anyone can really get a sense of anything from this. Hopefully the full trailer will give more of a sense of stuff.


That’s not the trailer for the trailer though. That’s the Superbowl spot.


The trailer is out tomorrow. The Superbowl slot is the trailer for the trailer, isn’t it?


Unless you mean it’s not explicitly called ‘trailer for the trailer’ but I don’t think they ever are, just seems to be a thing that exists now, along with that weird ‘coming up on this trailer’ block @ericV pointed out loads of ‘slower’ films have to show everyone clips of the big action bits in case they can’t be bothered to sit through 2.5 minutes of trailer?


Star destroyer in the clouds look cool


Han So Low looks to be a rollicking prequel story about the beloved reguo becoming a miner before succumbing to space alcoholism, hitting rock bottom, and filling in the application form for a limbo competition


Looks a lot like a Star Wars film. 6/10.




Yeah just a teaser - Disney wanted to no doubt debut the full trailer on GMA today as that’s their network.

Seems, on the face of it, we’d be getting the ‘defector Han’ story where he rescues Chewie from the spice mines of Kessel (to also included winning the Falcon off Lando ‘fur coat’ Calrissian and the Run of said planet at some point).

Although, the Harrelson character is being built up to be Han’s mentor so perhaps his ‘application to the Empire’ could just be a ruse to get him on the inside of somewhere/something.

Yer man Alden looks very much like a young Han Solo - bonus points from me there. Bring on the full trailer.


Lots of nice looking coats in this trailer.


I can picture them already


What time is Good Morning América? Have we had the full trailer yet?


Guys I’ve decided this is going to be a great fun film


And you call them spiced memes even though


Inception has got a lot to answer for.


He’s not even by himself


V good posting


It’s halfway through - finishes in an hour, so trailer could conceivably hit (if Disney put it out straight after GMA showing) just after 2pm here.