Solo: A Star Wars Story



Pretty surprised that it’s different footage in this then in yesterday’s teaser. He really doesn’t sound like Harrison Ford does he? The voice seems more important than appearance for some reason.


Oh god, forgot Daenerys Targaryen was in this :grimacing:


had to look up who ii was thanks to the different hair colour

she’ll be fine, they’ll all be fine in this fun family picture set in space


Phoebe Waller-Bridge is the droid I suppose?


Looks like good fun to me. IN!


Initial thoughts:

Did I spy a Rocket Raccoon rip-off in the middle there?

Think Woody is too famous to get away with being in this universe.

Alden sounded a bit Han Solo-ish in a couple of his deliveries.

This’ll be a good action-filled romp in SW fatigues but hopefully not tarnish the legacy of the title character.


Grizled, cynical mentor is kind of his niche these days though


I dunno it just looks a bit shit to me. Like fan fiction or something


I hope they explain why the length of time it takes to do the kessel run is measured in units of distance


it will be worth it for this alone:


Finger’s crossed she’s learned how to act.


Nice bit of Tokyo drifting on a hover car too :ok_hand:


being a bit wooden with a british accent is standard star wars acting though - essential to the vibe


Dyou think Daenerys lent him that coat after she got it from Jon Snow?


Han! Lando! don’t forget to put your big coats on. It’s freezing out there


this is very, very true.


Rating this look in a big way


can’t look at that without going… PAPER BOY, PAPER BOY, ALL ABOUT THAT PAPER, BOY


new season starting soon!!!