Solo: A Star Wars Story


Another vote for this looking good and fun.


Why have they changed the title to Memorial Day?


Now this is a poster


where’s that from? Is there a set of them. So cool



they really had to squeeze in the word Chewie there didn’t they?


The Lando one is definitely the coolest, but they all look great



I wonder how narked this has made Billy Dee Williams?

Apparently he’s now 80 (!) so maybe he doesn’t care.


It’s Star Wars not a Paul Thomas Anderson movie. You just need to he able to deliver weird lines in a jokey way


Bill Pullman in Spaceballs vibe from Neo-Han, especially the rug.


yeah, he’s really not doing it for me

the voice is so integral to the delivery which is the meat of the character …this dude seems totally bogus


:smile: @ Han’s meta last line there


I think it looks cool, however I’ve realised I’d have way preferred a Lando film with Han popping in an out as a side character after seeing that photo.


Because let’s be honest, Han is an absolute loser.


He certainly lost his life in the last film!!!


100% agree.


Doesn’t seem to have been a prerequisite in the past tbf.


I think we all wanted a Lando film, FFS :frowning:


was just thinking the same thing after watching the trailer - a Lando film would be much more interesting, or something focussing on Jabba’s universe?

I think Han is too integral to the ‘canon’ - and this has a big potential to totally fuck it up. that’s why I think Rogue One worked so well