Solo: A Star Wars Story


There will be a lando film


They’ve been pretty tight-lipped so far.

I remember I and others saying a Lando film would be the best option back when they were announcing this and suggesting a Boba Fett movie too. We’ll have to see how much Lando is used in this as maybe they’ll have used up all of it :frowning:


All of what? We know he isn’t going to die. They can just make up a new story


Well I meant more maybe there won’t really be scope for a Lando movie because part of what is drawing people to these films I think is the ‘newness’? If he’s basically in the whole film all the way through I can imagine they’ll backburner a Lando-only film (particularly if this is disappointing) in favour of that dogshit sounding Obi-Wan one.


Ignore me actually, got you wrong there


important question - will we see Han do the Kessel Run?? I kinda think he’s been bullshitting about that 12 parsecs claim all along!


Not sure anyone knows for sure but it’s presumed he will.

The original script implies to me that Han is just trying to spout rubbish to what he assumes is a old man who has no idea about spaceflight, though:

                     It's the ship that made the Kessel 
                     run in less than twelve parsecs!

           Ben reacts to Solo's stupid attempt to impress them with 
           obvious misinformation.

But who knows, I guess. And because so many of us saw it as kids and didn’t know what a Parsec was it’s passed into a ‘thing’. Of course when it comes down to it, shorter distance means less fuel and a quicker journey (in theory) so there are ways in which one could assume it is distance based?

I’m going to assume when I google it now Wookipedia will have a definitive answer.


When I was rewatching A New Hope recently I found the Cantina scene quite funny. Obi-Wan tries to act like he knows what he’s doing to impress Luke, but he’s basically a strange old hermit trying to fit in down the pub. Han Solo completely rips him off. He’s the Star Wars equivalent of a man-with-a-van


Isn’t one potential “explanation” that the Kessel Run involves crossing an asteroid belt or similar, so the challenge was to complete it via the shortest distance through the obstacles, rather than travelling the long way round the dangers.


I mean, I think the simplest explanation is that Lucas made an honest mistake and used parsec because he vaguely knew it was a fancy space word but didn’t really know what it technically meant.


There are two or three different options in Wookieepedia.

TBH I always just took it like that, yeah: something that is about finding a short route through a hazardous place.

But equally that just sounds duller than the podrace when transposed to film


I think it’s pretty obvious that Han only flew the Falcon 12 parsecs and then had Scotty beam the cargo down. Duh!


every time someone mentions Kessel Run I read it as Ken Russell for split second


similarly I always read Mario Odyssey as Morrissey for a split second



whatever her acting may be like, dragon lady looks fucking bad-ass here.


Some spoilery speculation about Thandie Newton’s character:

In the mainline Star Wars comic, they introduced a character called Sana who shows up and claims to have been married to Han, but it was all a front as part of a scam they were pulling. The character looks an awful lot like Thandie Newton does in this trailer. This is one of the new comics as well, so it’s technically canon


Where in the trailer is Thandie Newton? Am I being thick not spotting her?


NM I didn’t clock her with the hair. Character’s name is Val apparently.


Ah, missed that!