Solo: A Star Wars Story



Hopefully the first step towards deciding to axe the Rian Johnson trilogy further down the line


It’s probably the opposite: the first step towards anyone with more than two TV shows or films on their cv being told to go and make some Star Wars films. There’ll be about 600 in the pipeline by the end of the year.


Quite looking forward to Jorah Mormont in space though.


Fucking hell, think the world could use some time off of Star Wars after 5/6 films.


Star Wars isn’t gonna feel special if they keep cranking them out.


Mate there are three Marvel films out before the end of July and also a Deadpool movie in May.

I don’t think people are going to get bored of Star Wars films as long as they don’t write too many shoddy ones.


Who are the twats who keep going to see them though? No wonder cinema is dead eh


Never change, EricNumbers, never change! :smiley:


Oooh five more twats in jumpsuits twatting about on a green screen. Give them an oscar!


May as well. It’s not like they give out Oscars based on merit :wink:


I am never seeing a new star war


Even though a completely different guy is writing and directing the next one? Ho-kay…


same, don’t think i’m gonna watch the new x files either. sometimes you really have to draw a line in the sand and teach these bigwigs a lesson.


Well that’ll help Sean with his server bills!


Oh, should we warn meo there’s another Star Wars movie due out in May or do you think she knows?


Yeah, I feel very strongly that they have tarnished the franchise in an irreparable way so I don’t really want to support any future star wars endeavours, just gonna stick with the originals and some of the jettisoned expanded universe from now on


you should try fringe instead, its like a better x-files


Ooh why I oughta


Haven’t read the thread. Have wigs been lost yet?