Solo: A Star Wars Story


TBF Fringe IS a better version of the X-Files.


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there’s going to be a new star wars every year now until the end of time


This is more about how much I lost interest in the X-Files during S3 than how great I think Fringe is, TBF.


same with these ‘Furious’ movies and the ‘Transformers’ shite - they are way up there in the all time box office lists


Hmm. Are they even any good at writing like? The story of GOT went to shit once they went off the GRRM stuff


Good writing’s never been a problem before etc.


fringe was great, got off to a slow start as an x-files derivative but season 2 or 3 when it got into the swing with the parallel world was really great, the core story of walter and pacey’s father/son relationship just gave the show more substance than the x-files, and the sci-fi story they built around that was really interesting, season five was a bit weird but the way they tied it back into walter/pacey story was really satisfying. The only thing I didn’t like is how it often dropped off entire story threads, like the ‘machine’ at the end of season three, I guess it kept things interesting but each time I had adjusted to a seasons new premise it would shift again


I hope we end up with more Star Warses than James Bonds. Only 15 more to go.


That’s not happening any time soon. He’s been talking it up a lot recently.


How long do we have to wait for the Jar Jar Binks origin story? I am excited already.


Or maybe some slow gripping political movies about the trade blockade thing.


I predict solo will flop and Disney will use this as a reason to streamline their Star Wars offerings and announce they are going to drop Johnson and keep this other guys trilogy


You are dreaming. Making less money is still better than not making the money at all!


Time will tell


They keep making more Bonds, but at least it’s only 1 every 2 or 3 years…


Disney have hardly even begun to milk the toy possibilities of the entire Star Wars universe

There are entire alien races & technologies to be invented

Tbh, the Star Wars universe is way too humanoid as it is


At this rate there will be 15 more Star Warses before the next Bond comes out.


I got some weird EU comic from the library years ago where someone went to a distant planet to train as a Jedi and it turned out the master was actually some giant blue cow / elephant thing. Would dearly love to know what the fuck that comic was, still think about it occasionally and laugh.