Solo: A Star Wars Story


Sounds fun

Given that the whole concept of SW is predicated on a mystical universal force that binds the galaxy it’s kind of amazing how very non-mystical and actually quite unimaginative the range of space beings are


Was it Tales of the Jedi — The Saga of Nomi Sunrider? Doesn’t quite match description but that’s what sprung to mind


You beauty! I did a little digging from that and this is the bastard!


I’m looking forward to when Kathleen Kennedy hires a female writer/director and the MRA twonks really flip the fuck out! Oh, let it be soon.


I have the original comics, really liked the tales of the Jedi stuff, dropped off around totj redemption, really want to finish it off now but the collected versions are really expensive since the EU was abandoned


If they’re Marvel you can get them all with the app for not a lot.


They were dark horse but I think have transferred to marvel, I’ve tried that marvel app before though and can never get into it, I’m a reading Luddite, I just hope Disney republish it under the legends banner, it might actually be cheap to get the original comics


I guess (hope) this means they are abandoning the anthology idea and will alternate Rian Johnson’s and GoTers’ series each year? The anthologies have run out of steam after one film, and they haven’t announced anything else to follow Ep IX. Don’t think Solo will flop per se, but I don’t think it’ll be anything like as big as the recent movies. It’s the first Star Wars movie I’ve ever not been excited about.


Run out of steam? Based on what?


Yeah this is probably going to be the case, and the weirdest thing is it seems it could have been entirely avoidable. They could have just waited to release it in December and done a proper marketing push behind it, and everyone would be suitably hyped for it. There must be a reason they didn’t.


They’ve said their working on another anthology film for release in 2020 and that they’ve hired a writer for it. No other details apart from that though, so it could easily not happen


If these anthology movies don’t give us a western style Kenobi movie I will be very disappointed.


I’m just waiting for the comic con or whatever where there’s a Star Wars panel scheduled to start, stage is empty, lights go off. A lone figure in brown jedi robes, hood covering face slowly walks to the centre stage. Spotlight comes on the figure, he lifts off his hood.

It’s a bearded Ewan McGregor, says “Hello there!”. “Obi-Wan: A Star Wars Story” logo appears behind him. Exits stage.


some big leaps begin made here

Solo might be a massive hit - might not be. But it’s probably better to wait until anyone’s actually seen it before speculating wildly


Millennials are discovering the Star Wars universe, and they think it’s problematic


Boo that’s no fun!


but this is like negative fun. It’s going to be the Last Jedi thread all over again isn’t it?


You can have fun gloating if we’re all wrong!


That was a great thread


How on earth is there a 359-post thread about this film already.

You guys.