Solo: A Star Wars Story


Marvel are reprinting Legends material under the Epic Collections banner. Themed in time periods rather than strictly be series.,_Complete_Epic_and_Epic_Collection_lines#Epic_Collections (you’ll have to scroll a bit down this list)
There’s a lot to reprint though.


I’m definitely going to work my way through those (begrudgingly giving money to Disney) at the height of my enthusiasm for Star Wars was focused on the dark horse comics as much as the films.


Even more odd as Marvel films are February, May and July this year, with nothing in the November slot Thor had last year.

Disney’s winter releases this year are Wreck It Ralph 2 and Mary Poppins Returns. Doesn’t really feel like either of those are going to cannibalise Star Wars box office.


Wonder if there’s some kind of weird shut down they’re enforcing? I mean I can’t really think of anything but at the same time it does feel like they’ve given themselves a heafty few months off up to and including Christmas?


Haven’t Marvel said that Infinity War (i & II) is going to be the end of the current cycle? It might be that they are keeping things on the down low because there are going to be major changes - not least to casting as Downey Jr etc aren’t getting any younger.


That’s the most concrete thing I’d heard about a third anthology film tbh. I’ve just got the impression they’ve been quietly dropped in favour of these two new series. Falling back on Han Solo’s youth after one film doesn’t make me think they’ve got loads of ideas bubbling away. Not that I have a secret hotline to Lucasfilm or anything, of course.


finally got around to watching the full trailer, that guy doesn’t even have a hint of han solo about him, not a trace


I wouldn’t go that far but it does make me wonder if the reason Lord and Miller were going about the film in such a ‘wacky’ way was they realised how hard it was to attempt to follow Harrison Ford like this, so they were going for something completely different.



He has his pants



Toy sales in conjunction with TLJ have been very poor, so even that isn’t a given anymore. Too much angling ‘collectibles’ at adults and not enough ‘playability’ for kids (like what we had back in the 80s for example).

This new trilogy announcement - the fan in me is like “Yay, more SW” but surely, surely, Disney are trundling over rocky ground with the reception towards TLJ and a lukewarm expectation towards Solo. If I were them, I’d finish off this run with 9, not make a third stand-alone movie and give Rian Johnson at least a clear year to get the next trilogy started.


I think there’s a lot of variation in terms of the species present across the whole of Star Wars, no?

In terms of actual creativity, you got to think the technology available during the OT didn’t allow for wild, abstract designs or outlandish fleets of imagination.


He looks the part of a young Han - jury still out on the vocal delivery.



Last scene of SOLO? They land on Mos Eisley, head to the Cantina and neo-Han randomly bumps into a CGI Alec Guinness on the way "Oops sorry old man… " “Ah i may have a job for you…” FIN. Or something.


It’s set 10 years before, though.


Yeah but at the end… an Epilogue or sutin. Maybe they’ll save that for Solo 2.


I mean yeah, I agree, it’s such an obvious choice to put something like that in. I would be more inclined to expect him to get the Jabba job at the end with some kind of wink wink to the audience comment about how he NEVER gets boarded.


rewatched rugoe last night. was shite.