Solo: A Star Wars Story

young han time travels into the future in a dream sequence and apologises to luke

Hope it starts with Han and Chewie shortly before TFA reminiscing about their early days like Bilbo and Frodo at the start of The Hobbit


you kidding? There would be blood! (from our fingertips from all the furious typing afterwards)

the name of that leaked LEGO set confirms it…


That version of the YT-1000 is in the Haynes manual from ages back.

Over 2,100 posts and we’re finally hitting the good stuff!



Yeah it’s apparently the date for Infinity War. Disney are such fuck ups

Let’s rate and review it now

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Chunked the stuff over from The Last Jedi as it was all Solo.

Nah, fuck this shit m9, the Falcon is a YT1300, not some shitbox no-mandible Corellian light freighter knockoff.


ways this film will be different from that guardians of the galaxy film

  • this one has a different name

What are the rotten tomatoes scores though :smiley:

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Yeah isn’t this wrong? Seriously?

“Steely! Steely, it’s Figrin. Your cousin, Figrin D’an. You know that new sound you’re looking for? Well listen to this!”


You lost me at “not”.

See my post up there: this is a modification that already existed in the Haynes manual.

In the original RPG I recall that exact design being unique and there being a number of similar Corellian Freighters but can’t recall the serial numbers

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Yeah, this is where I reveal myself to be an absolute Star Wars nerd. Played all of the X-Wing PC games as a teenager and was obsessed with the books too. Star Wars spacecraft could be a specialist subject of mine on Mastermind.


Holy shit, incredible work.

Will this actually come out in May?

  • FUCK NO!

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