Solo: A Star Wars Story


Honestly it was just irritating me how many people seem to think these guys are amazing when I’d never been able to get past the first 15 minutes before. So I struggled through to see if I could understand that love.

And frankly…I dunno, I still think they’re wildly overrated, I guess.


I watched the making of the Phantom Menace on YouTube a while back (I think it’s the one from the dvd, it’s in the star wars channel). It was quite interesting, in the same way as old urban planning videos from the 60s are interesting in that they’re full of hope and optimism about loads of stuff that you know were a disaster with hindsight.

I felt like it showed how difficult it was to fix the film once production was underway, even if they felt it was going badly - it’s such a massive undertaking that they were stuck with it.

There’s a great exchange lasting a few seconds in it, after George Lucas describes the final battle between the Gungans and the droid army to Steven Spielberg:
SS: "That’s great."
GL: "It’s gonna be great."
SS: "That’s gonna be great."
GL: "It’s gonna be great."
SS: “It’s gonna be great.”


i also think plinkett reviews/their scripted videos generally are a bit overrated but then i’m not really into spending long periods of time watching people being cynical about things.

the stuff that tends to go viral whether it’s plinkett or nerd crew stuff aren’t the regular content tho, the bread and butter is just them sitting around talking about films they enjoy. and i really enjoy that. maybe try it.


Okay cheers, maybe I’ll do that :slight_smile:


The Last Jedi Deleted Scenes, has anyone mentioned these?

Actually i guess it’s been mentioned in the other thread.


I think maybe the kessel run is going to be in it guys


Looking forward to a second sub-thread about the shape of the millennium falcon following the release of images of the lego set now…


yeah that will be fun



these will be the most picked apart films in history won’t they? Nothing can withstand this level of scrutiny


it aint leaked no mo rynprc


This is a perfect encapsulation of the prequels. Perfect.


oh shit, outdated info! soz lads.


its ok, you were ahead of the game there. just confirming your rumours arent i


Second this. Some of their stuff is pretty crap (they had a stange set of jokes about Gugu Mbutha-Raw’s name in this week’s Review, for example), but their analysis of that movie, the recent Cloverfield shit, was interesting, especially the idea it is devaluing Netflix and that movies are being “dumped” on their like shitty Direct to Video wank from the 1990s. Careful line to tread. In fact, the only Netflix movie I’ve liked was the Myerwitz Stories thing.

Their skewering of the Adam Sandler buddy-up bullshit is quite the thing.


don’t know where you could possibly be getting that from


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We already did that in TLJ thread :smiley: