Sooooo…solos. I know they can be seen as horribly self-indulgent, and are for the most part, but we’re all still impressed aren’t we?! Got any faves? Doesn’t have to be guitar. Noodling in any format is welcome!

The one that always comes to mind straight away for me is:

I just find it really exciting, and it doesn’t jump out from the texture of the song - you can tell it’s there to serve it, not stroke anyone’s ego. Also really like the solo in R.E.S, which is soooo elegant in an otherwise manic song.

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One Big Holiday

Never heard that before - I like that the solo pretty much extends across the whole song! It’s less out of place then - bit more organic. Thumb’s-up!

That’s a beautiful song!

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The one in Rhinoceros by Smashing Pumpkins.

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Good shout! Pumpkins are pretty reliable in this department.

Also Ants of the Sky by Between the Buried and Me which opens with a solo

love the solos on Reign In Blood, they sound more like the guitar being tortured

also, this is one of my favourite ever bits of music writing, from the DiS review of the first Oceansize album

It is all too rare a sight for a band to truly love their instruments. We all jest of “guitar wankery” during those 3-minute hair solos but the true wanking of a guitar is a beautiful, beautiful thing. To watch a man lovingly caress the neck and feel his fingers flicking over familiar frets, and then to stroke the strings as if he were a swan gathering her cygnets, just to hammer away at their skulls like the unknown predator just seconds later.

Seeing this in the flesh, so to speak, is one thing but for this imagery to be expelled from a five inch plastic disc through wires and air is a much more unnerving and compelling experience. Oceansize’s self-disciplined control and moderation has allowed the music to flourish into a glorious masterpiece. A masterpiece that you will fall in love with.

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That’s glorious! And pretty much sums up how to do a solo right. Has to be captivating.

Never really checked them out - think it’s probably time to!

I’m tempted to just post every Smashing Pumpkins one, I’ve never heard anyone write or play a solo like Billy. I’m pretty sure I’ve already posted Starla, Hello Kitty Kat, The Aeroplane Flies High, Mayonaise, and Hummer 500x on this forum already, so I’m just going to say all of his album solos are essential and post relatively lesser known demo “The Groover”. The bulk of the solo starts around 3:10 or so.

Also, Zwan’s “Mary Star of the Sea” solo is incredible.

Oh, Shizuka - Measuring Loneliness too

Whether the Commodores’ original or Faith No More’s fine cover, I’ve always liked this solo… 2.48 in on this version. Seems uncomplicated and not exactly a shredding facemelter, but…

when I saw FNM at Leeds Fest, I am sure they put this in instead of the solo

Colors is the album, I saw them supporting Dillinger Escape Plan and they played it in full without stopping. so good

That’s smooth, I like it! All about the feeeeeeel…

My favourite solo is and always will be in Been Caught Stealing. It’s perfectly phrased, and the exact right amount of wankery (which you can’t often say for Navarro). I also like Buckethead’s in Colonel Claypool’s Bucket of Bernie Brains’ ‘Buckethead’, which is all the wankery but exciting as hell.

A shout out for this though, which is phenomenal.


Thankfully not when we saw them at Reading, though Eastenders came shortly before.

14.37 should do it…

Smooth might just be the best word to describe it above all others…

My favourite guitar solos are three days by Jane’s Addiction, Time by Pink Floyd and Hometown Unicorn by super furry animals.

My favourite piano solo is the crystal ship by the doors.

But for true transcendence, listen to John Coltrane’s my favourite things.

I really like solos! Frank Zappa described them as building sculptures in the air, or something. Never quite understood those who frown upon them.

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