"Solution" on all boards

You know that thing where on this board, the OP can select one of the replies as the “solution” to their problem, so you can see the solution directly in the OP itself (useful for troubleshooting)?

Well I’ve noticed that you now get this option on all boards, changed at some point today, not sure why or how.

For example, I have chosen this reply as the solution, which makes sense on this board, but not on others. This has regressed since this morning.

Yep, I ticked a box to enable this in all threads, thought it might be fun. If it isn’t, however, I will make it go back to normal.

I did this once or considered it and then didn’t. I think it was when I found the option and turned it on on this board.

It’s not really happened consistently on the Social and Music boards so I’m not sure why.

TBH I think it might be amusing for the Social but you should probably remove it from Music as that board is a bit more ‘serious’? Not sure what new users are going to think really…

don’t like it because i just want to click it all the time


I realise this is because it only shows the grey checkbox by ones where someone’s clicked a solution.

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I know exactly what you mean. My primitive brain can’t resist. Same with voting in polls even if they’re not applicable.

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Do you only get the option if it’s your own thread?

I like this feature fwiw

That’s right, or if you’re an admin.

This is the topic which explains how it works in a Discourse sense


It’s been turned off now, except presumably in this site feedback forum.