Solution to the Fitting A Fork Into Your Tupperware problem PLUS shakshuka discussion thread



(Ref: convo on old dis entitled “I wish there was a Tupperware on the market that was big(long) enough to fit my fork in after I’d finished eating, but not so big that my lunch was shaking round like balls in a tombola in my bag en route to work”

I have found the solution. It turns out the problem all along was not the tupperware but the fork.

I think the tupperware people deserve acknowledgement that lengthening a lunch box would imperfecticise it’s utility, and it’s the fork people who need to take action.

I had leftover shakshuka. Anyone got a strong shakshuka game? I have a problem that the eggs always take far longer to cook than I think they should, and it’s therefore impossible to keep them runny. I came up with the theory last night that I need to pre-heat my dish otherwise it cools the sauce which consequently makes the egg cook slower.

Other shakshuka chat is very much encouraged.


I’ve admitted before that my major failing as a human is getting the baking of eggs in these type of dishes all wrong.

Sometimes I will just poach the eggs and bung them in, Do you feel me?


Systema do one with a clipable fork


Big dog


never actually thought of that. It feels wrong but I can’t think of a good reason not to do it. I guess you wouldn’t get that nice set tomato-y base for the egg, and that feels more than just an aesthetic thing


I just don’t like the sound of that at all


Pfft start a thread when you’ve got a carbon fork mate.


True dat.


The fuck is wrong with you?


Oh yeah, nowhere near as good as doing it perfectly but better than 75% of the time when I have either some clear albumin or a rubber yolk.


@thewarn @zxcvbnm I need your backup here guys


Whatever that is, I hate it.


You are the enemy of progress


Why do people keep telling me this?


This is THE best shakshuka recipe. Swear to god.


problem with that right, is that the box is going to last until the end of time, but I’m probably going to snap the fork on (optimistically) its third outing.

then where does that leave you? shit’s creek with nae utensils


Shakshuka <3


The only Shakshuka recipe I have is the one in Plenty and it’s for four people with 8 eggs in so I’ve never really gone for it. But I do love it, yes.

As for the forks thing, that’s Pret fork, right? Luckily our work has cutlery so this isn’t an issue for me.


I will never compromise on fork quality!!


i have never heard of this dinner dish