Some banal questions

Where do you hide your Xmas presents?

On an average evening how many lights do you have on in your house? Details please (do you light rooms you’re not in for atmospheric reasons like in films when houses are fully lit?)

Any other questions?

Presents in the drawers under the bed mostly.

Lights only ever on in rooms someone is in, except currently the Christmas lights in the kitchen window will be on regardless.

No other questions, thanks.


a) i don’t. live by myself isn’t it so just leave them lying about wherever
2) 1.5 lighs on average. the room i’m in plus i’ll accidentally leave a light on about half the time


winter indoor footwear. what are YOUR thoughts?

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Any good puzzle books I could get my mam for Xmas?

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I wear my Simba slippers at all times indoors. I have heel spurs so I’m not meant to go barefoot or just socks. I would really like them in grey too to have as going out to the bins/running over to a neighbours hybrid shoe/slipper.

EDIT: Simba as in the mattress company not Lion King slippers

That OS maps one that @escutcheon got in secret Santa


Depends who’s been in the rooms last. If it’s me: just the living room and perhaps the adjoining kitchen will do nicely. If it’s the gf - all the lights. Every last one.

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Used to just go barefoot year round, but wear slippers now after I broke my toe after accidentally booting the leg of a chair.

My sister got me some ridiculous North Face ones which offer decent protection.

Just leave em in the shopping bags. Pretty sure the tv peered in and saw half of hers already. She doesnt know about the big surprise tho mwahaha.

Yeah i leave lights on tbh, quite a bad habit. My PC is basically on 24/7 as well. What a monster.

cba with any kind of footwear indoors

glad you clarified because 100% that’s what i thought


Q: If you could go away for a long weekend in January for some R&R, where would you go?

I’ll post a page in a sec.

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i’ve never been a slipper person. test drove a pair last saturday (when it was cold as fuck and my feet were freezing already wearing two pairs of socks) and still couldn’t get on with them. possibly because the only slippers i have are about two sizes too small but idk

Christmas overindulgence audit

  • Been sensible so far
  • Mild bloat
  • Overdone it a bit
  • God i feel dreadful already and there are still several days of this to go :skull:

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Presents go in the wardrobe, at the back.

A couple of small lamps in the lounge, bigger one if we’re reading.

Budapest. That voyage prive app always have offers to spa hotels in Budapest for super cheap prices. Failing that a little cabin in the UK. I go to one in Saddleworth that’s perfect because it’s in the middle of nowhere except a nice pub and surrounded by chickens.

i’m doing just that. going up the highlands hillwalking in the snow.



I can’t get my head around anyone who wears shoes indoors. I have slippers, obv

Bottom of a cupboard or back of a drawer usually.

Lights: if I’m in on my own I’ll only be lighting the room in in. Or, in the living room, the half of the room I’m in (different circuits). If the gf is in, a light will be on in every room except possibly the downstairs bathroom, including the kitchen cabinet lights which are clearly going to be a NIGHTMARE to replace when they go. She will also set all dimmer switches to full blaze.

Indoor footwear: my current pair of Star Wars slippers are done so I need new ones.


i had such plans to avoid excess this year. thought i would be really good but at every single opportunity so far i’ve been eating / drinking like absolute fuck. oh well.

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