Some Good News

I’ll keep this short…

Mrs casinobay was born with cystic fibrosis. 12 years ago she had a double lung transplant that saved her life. Her lungs are currently working at 128%…so, all good there.
One of the downsides of the immunosuppressant drugs she takes is that it can affect her kidney function. He kidneys were working at 14%.
She was put on the kidney transplant list for deceased donors. I was going through all the tests to see if I could be a live donor and for me to donate one of my kidneys to her (something about inserting a rather large organ into my wife…) and it looked like this was going to happen in 2 months time or so,


Saturday evening we got a call from the transplant co-ordinator to say that they had a kidney lined up for her. Get to hospital immediately! Transplant was completed successfully yesterday evening and all is good!

NHS Lothian :hearts::hearts::hearts::hearts::hearts::hearts:


Excellent news! Hope she’s recovering well :slight_smile:

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That’s great news, all the best to mrs casinobay. The NHS is bloody brilliant, isn’t it?


Yes, the NHS is truly fantastic!

Bloody wonderful, All the best to you, Mrs Casinobay, Epic and Raffles.

Aw that’s lovely, well done both of youse.

all the best, very happy to hear it xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

awesome news, genuinely has made my morning!

Excellent news! NoahVale is taking my money-saving tips on board pretty fast!

That’s great, and heartening to hear. Two of my young nephews have CF, so I’m always glad to hear of happy stories from those affected.

great to hear cb! :hugging:



genuinely mind bending that such an operation is possible :slight_smile:


this is excellent

Fantastic news. X

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It’s a horrible condition, but the medical advances that have been made over the years are incredible.

When Mrs casinobay was born she was given 4 weeks to live!

Hope your 2 nephews are dealing with it as best they can!!

Thank you all for your kind words!!!

You are all brilliant!!

Wonderful news! :smiley: Hope she recovers from the transplant soon so yous can have a parrrrrtayyyyy xxx

They’re okay thanks - both are still young (under 5), but it doesn’t seem to be causing them any problems so far (the youngest one is growing like a weed just now). Hopefully the medical advances can continue being made.

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Cracking news CB! :relaxed: