Some grea tthhreads here this nmorning

I do my daily load up of Drowned in Sound and it’s very pleasing to see several quality threads on the go, either new threads or continuing threads, don’t know why but I feel particularly grateful on this morning.

Shout out to the dog poo, deviant behaviour and scenes from TV threads in particular, as well as the rolling threads of football, film chat, gaming chat and the love life thread.


None of these are my threads. Fuck you.


And thirded for the typo in the title.

Well, your thread about things to keep an eye on reminded me to check my boiler when I get home later, so thanks for that.

The key is checking it before it’s just cold water coming out

Should I run the tap whilst checking the boiler pressure?

Sure, sounds fun

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gonna print and laminate some passive aggressive dog poo signs in the office later. might bring it up in my appraisal when discussing my ongoing and future projects

Ok, I will check the boiler once when the tap is not running and check the boiler again with the tap running, and see if it displays a difference in pressure. I will let you know what happens, either by making a new thread, replying to your boiler thread, replying to this thread, or just sending you a personal message.